We are masters of the tonsorial arts and historian of barber logy. These individuals intellectual understanding of the field is coupled with skill and years of meticulous training.

Trimz Barbers are enlightened by interaction with clients and considers excellent service an art form. Great passion comes from delivering a superior and quality personal care experience aimed at awakening decades of barbering traditions.

Trimz Barbershop employment

If you can do a 4 minute haircut, Trimz Barbershop is not the place for you.

Trimz Barbershop is dedicated to providing our customers with a great haircut and premium service. Our barbers take the time to consult with you individually, to understand your wants and needs. Our goal is to help you look and feel your best.

Trimz Barbershop focuses on quality haircuts and great customer service that leaves every customer leaving pleased, relaxed, and eager to come back for their next haircut.
Interested in working at Trimz Barbershop? Trimz is all about creating a fun environment for our customers with classic neo soul music playing in the background, sports on the flat screen TV. Dressing up is for weddings and funerals. Move your fancy clothes to the back of your closet and come to work at Trimz in jeans and a t-shirt. You'll be a lot more comfortable and we won't feel so under-dressed. When you work at Trimz, you'll actually be busy cutting hair. So if you enjoy sitting around waiting for customers and making no money until you build up a clientele then read no further. Trimz Barbershop is busy. Men need their hair cut and they know where to go to get great service in an environment designed just for them. Looking for a challenge? Trimz Barbershop is constantly growing and expanding, creating new management and education opportunities all the time.

Trimz is looking for licensed cosmetologists and/or barbers with:

• An attractive, outgoing personality
• A modern, fashionable overall look
• A great attitude
• Energy and enthusiasm
• A sense of humor
• Determination
• Conversation skills.